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An upcoming change to the Google “Chrome” browser that will label all websites that are not using SSL for encryption of the site as “Not Secure”.  This change will take effect in July of 2018.

If you would like to avoid having your site labeled as “Not Secure” in the Google browser (which is currently used by approximately 60% of all desktop computer users, and abo​ut 50% of all users including mobile), then you will need an SSL certificate.

The process to add an SSL to your site and ensure all traffic is routed securely using that SSL is as follows:

  1. Purchase SSL certificate (including generating the request)
  2. Installing the SSL certificate on your hosting server
  3. Updating your website code to force all traffic to utilize the SSL certificate

SkylarStudios can carry out this process for you with your approval.  You will only need to approve us to do it, and then approve the SSL certificate issuance via an email approval process.