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Events Calendar enables your organization to create and promote events!

List, create and register your organizations events

Our event management system was created specifically for associations, non-profit market, and businesses. Our years of experience enabled us to create a system that automates virtually all the tasks associated with event management and registration. The flexibility of our open source architecture allows you to select the options you need, or completely customize the application with features specific to your organization.

Create New Events
Events Calendar enables your organization to create and promote events, conferences, meetings, and more. Your staff can easily configure event locations, dates, and times to and automatically integrate it to an online registration module.

Email Notification
Event registrants automatically receive a confirmation email upon signing up for the event. Configure the email system to personalize notifications, set automatic email reminders, and even act as a promotional tool.

Secure Registration
With Events Calendar, your members simply use their credit card to register for meetings and conferences online. To ensure security, all transactions are encrypted utilizing 128 bit SSL technology. When used in conjunction with Events Calendar, user registration forms are pre-filled!

Variable Event Pricing
Configure event pricing based on membership status and/or date of registration to encourage membership growth and early registration.

List Management
View and manage detailed registrant information including number of attendees, hotel preferences, waiting lists, mailing lists, and more.