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Website Memberships

Create a fully featured membership website.

What is a membership site?

A WordPress Membership Plugin that can turn your existing or new WordPress site into a fully featured membership site easily. Our Membership Plugin lets you selectively protect articles by creating various membership levels (example: Free, Basic, Premium, Ultimate etc.) and protect the content (posts, pages, comments etc) of your site. The plugin manages all the membership management side of things.
Below are just some of the features of the WordPress Membership Plugin:
  1. Selectively protect the full or a section of an article content. Create different membership levels and select what content (posts, pages, categories, comments) can be viewed by each membership level.
  2. Create “Basic”, “Premium”, “Ultimate”, or any other levels you want. Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same WordPress site.
  3. View your members, membership level, account status and much more. Easily upgrade members, move them to different membership level, pause their membership, or delete them entirely.
  4. Easily protect a section or sections of a post or page to create teaser content. Only members with the correct permission can view the protected section content.
  5. Secure RSS feeds allow your members to view their membership material in their favorite RSS reader.
  6. Schedule automatic upgrade of your members from one level to the next. For example, after 30 days, you can automatically upgrade members from a “Silver” level to “Gold” level which will allow them to view the content of this new level.
  7. Set the first page your members see when they login. Even use a different redirection page for each membership level.
  8. You can customize what fields are included in the member registration form. You can also add custom registration fields to the member registration form.
  9. Your members can bookmark their favourite posts and pages on your site then view their bookmarks later.
  10. If you offer downloads for your members then you can use the folder protection feature. Users will need to provide valid login credentials to download any file from the protected folder.
  11. Can be easily integrated with a hosted or standard PayPal button. Both one time and subscription/recurring payments are supported.
  12. It can be integrated with Autoresponders (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse). This way the members automatically get signed up to your list/campaign for email marketing purpose.
  13. Can be integrated with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin so you can create any type of payment buttons for your paid membership content.